Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Rain

The paddock began to dry out yesterday. I could traverse the center without needing a tow truck to pull me out.


After dinner....

The wind began to kick up....

The lightning began to z-z-z-zap and flash ....

Storms were all around us. I stood outside taking numerous shots ... do you think I could catch one of the lightning? Certainly not... so I opted for interesting stormy clouds.

Well, the rain didn't come. The storms continued to do their stormy thing north and east of us. I went to bed.


No clue how 'later' .....

A storm hit!

The lightning flashed and the thunder boomed...

(The following photos are not my photos. Do you imagine that I would actually think to find my camera after having been asleep and having crawled out of bed?! Uh... I don't think I even found my glasses, which is why all of this may have seemed even more incredibly awesome than usual!)

The rain (and hail) began pelting the house.

The wind was blowing....
The trees were bowing over.
The rain actually looked like this in the lights from the house:

I could almost imagine that I was out on the seas in a hurricane....

Except the house wasn't rocking... at least I don't think it was!

The storm passed. The rain slowed. The thunder moved off into the distance. And all I could think about was the quagmire the paddock would be in the morning!

I was not to be disappointed!


  1. Yeah- just when things start to dry out....
    Oh well, it's good for the pasture.

  2. Oh, I can see it all through your words. Must have been exciting, and just a little scary.

  3. Shall I send you some sandy soil from SC Lowcountry? Remember, it drains very quickly!


  4. I try to tell myself it means less fire danger, blah blah blah, but frankly I'm tired of the rain.

  5. Our paddock is not drying out either. The storms have been pretty intense. But the pasture is looking nice. Hope you get some sunshine to dry out your paddock tomorrow. We're hoping for that here.

  6. ohhh how i wish you would sent this storm this way! Not that i really need a storm but the rain would be very VERY welcome!

    Great shots!

  7. That is something! We are bone dry.

  8. Could you send us some of that rain, please?
    We keep getting the cloudy skies in the afternoon and even a few thunder claps, but alas no rain.



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