Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Any Port in a Storm

We have been packing and unpacking. Each time we go down to the 'old' house we pack up a few boxes, and then unpack when we return to our new home. While unpacking a box from the liquor cabinet,  my hubby commented that a bottle of Port that had been opened 3 years ago should just be tossed. I am not a Port drinker, so I wasn't aware that it had a shelf life once opened. But, being somewhat quite miserly, and hating to throw away something that might be of use, and perhaps not trusting his judgment (since he doesn't drink Port either) and loving the Internet as I do.... I decided to find out how long Port would remain palatable. It turns out that a few months is tops. Hubby wins this round! But one Web site recommended buying some Portobello mushrooms, sautéing them in butter and then pouring on the out-of-date Port and reducing it.
Voila! Tonight we will be serving (read the following with a slight foreign accent, or if you want to sound a bit like Julia Child, perhaps stuff some marbles in your mouth before you talk) a succulent, tender grilled boneless chicken breast, topped with sauteed Vidalia onions and Cremini mushrooms in a Port reduction sauce as our only Chef's Choice entree.

Dinner is served!

Rating: *****


  1. "marbles in your mouth" ~ too funny. Does look good!

  2. Oh, mmmmmmm. That looks good!

  3. Oh I am sooo there - that looks incredibly good!!!

  4. I agree --- there is absolutely no reason to let alcohol go to waste!


  5. This looks soooo good. I'm salivating! And I LOVE Port wine. Love it. Lot's of bite and flavor. I think I'll open my last bottle tonight...no wait...going to a wine tasting tonight...I'll open it tomorrow night!

    Cindy Bee


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