Friday, July 15, 2011

Cherry Tree

So.... if it had more than one....

 Do you see it?

wouldn't we call it a "Cherries Tree"?


  1. And, just think how sweet that one cherry will taste. I think you're absolutely right, by the way.

  2. made me smile! Don't give up on it. Mom's started off slow but now she gets enough to make several jars of perserves as well as some tasty treats to enjoy.

  3. You are the contemporary George Washington as I suspect that you cannot/will not lie about the cherry on your tree!


  4. It's an adorable cherry. Looks delicious too. Are you and Mr. Dreamer gonna share it? Or flip a coin to see who gets to eat it? It would look lovely atop an ice cream sundae.

  5. hmmm, do you need some honey bees? Or maybe another cherries tree?

    When my sister is getting her hair cut, she says, "I'm going to go get my hairs cut!"

    Cindy Bee

  6. Very cute!

    We have zero peaches on our peach tree this year and only one tiny apple on one of our apple trees. The drought and wind did them in and destroyed the buds.

    Enjoy your cherry!


  7. There will be more. Our problem is the birds like ours so much, they don't last long.

    Nice cherry, I do see it!


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