Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't You Hate it When Folks Don't Heed the Signs?

I'm  really not sure what the sign says, but it's a great place to scratch my neck! 
Hey, move over, I was here first!
Burro Battles don't suppose that we have to obey the sign, do you?

What did you say? Did you say we were fine?

Alright, alright, alright already. We'll move if we really have to.

 Hey, wait. I can't move. Remember the saying, "Don't step on the crack or you'll break your mother's back!"

Hey lady, what you lookin' at? 
Ain't you never seen burros messing around on someone's front lawn before?

How 'bout opening your door? I'll come home with you!

We came across a small herd of wild burros in a driveway and in the street as we drove into Cripple Creek yesterday. They are so cute! Especially if they aren't on your own front lawn decimating your grass! Evidently the locals find them to be pests. The burros are corralled and fed through the winter months and released to wander during the better weather. This last little fellow came up to the truck to get a scritch on the forehead. Oh, how I wish we could have a few of these darling guys (or gals)!


  1. Goodness they are cute! I like the grey with the black patch on his bum.

  2. Sydney, he was one of my favorites, too!

  3. How cute are those !!! Makes me want one.. or more

  4. I didn't know they were on a catch and release program. They are so adorable! My son has always wanted us to get one. Love those long ears!!


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