Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trot - Trot Easy - Easy I Say

I have that lovely slightly achy feel that comes from doing a lot of riding. It feels good. But to be honest, I am tired of trotting. Probably as tired of trotting as Pippin is! I've been lunging and round penning Pippin to get him to settle into a nice, steady trot and to work at relaxing and bringing his head down. Once he's settled, I usually get on and we do some more trotting. I never realized until recently just how nervous Pippin is. I think he really is anxious when he has a person on top of him, and that is the root of all of his problems. When I ask for a trot I get a and furious. My intention is to 'ride it out' without meddling with his mouth until he settles. However, I usually give in before he does and ask for some smaller circles and serpentines to settle him. I hope to look back at this post (in the very near future) to see how much Pippin has changed. (Hint, hint, hint!)


  1. Hoping both of you feel the change soon.

    I love that slightly achy feeling from horseback riding too!

  2. Oh yes, I know that feeling very well.

    Poco does the same thing. Try counting out loud, kissing, clucking, or "tsk-ing" to him at the rhythm YOU want. It didn't take long for him to get it.

  3. Boy do I know that feeling !!!! Advil is my friend!

    Like Leah I use the counting, or clucking in rhythm I want with Rosie to get her settled into a nice trot. The smaller circles and serpentines are perfect too. Add some barrels, posts or poles to mix it up and soon you'll have a nice trot!


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