Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pippins POV: I tried to be good...honest

Last week my Mrs. Owner had a friend over. This was the third time she's done this in one week. My Mrs. Owner's friend rode my friend, Doc, and my Mrs. Owner rode me. It was a beautful day. A little on the crisp side with a nice wind bringing all kinds of sounds and smells right over to me.
I was happy when my Mrs. Owner turned me away from the round pen. 
I was happier when my Mrs. Owner turned me away from that other lady's indoor arena. 
I was happiest when my Mrs. Owner turned me toward the wide open hay field. 
(Isn't it fun to use comparatives and superlatives?!) 
We were going to walk around on the nice grass with the birds and the toads and the frogs. What fun! We walked down the hill, up the hill, across the dam and then, damn! What in tarnation is that thing?! Out of the corner of my eye I saw two young human guys gliding down a hill. I couldn't understand what was making them move like they were, but, they were moving, almost soundlessly, faster than they normally can walk. They were almost hidden from my view by the top of the hill, so I could only see a bit of them as they seemed to magically glide along. I thought about what I had seen. I just couldn't make sense of it. I thought about what I had seen some more. I still didn't understand it. I thought about it a bit more and even though it had been several minutes and even though I was several hundred feet away I decided that what I had seen could  be very dangerous, indeed. What I had seen could hurt me or my Mrs. Owner. I thought about what I had seen and decided I better get out of that place.... right....now! So, I ran. Oops, I probably should have given my Mrs. Owner some sort of signal that I was going to try to save us. My acceleration was so darn fast that she was just about left in my dust, along with Doc and my Mrs. Owner's friend. So, here I was trying to save my Mrs. Owner and she didn't seem very pleased. She rudely pulled me around in a circle and unkindly yanked on my mouth, telling me to 'whoa'. I tried to tell her about the perceived danger in every way I could. I held my head high. I snorted. I made my eyes open really wide. I pranced. I tried to run .... again. My Mrs. Owner just didn't get it. She made me walk on. She made me walk across the field, across the bridge, down the hill, up the hill and across the damn dam...again. She made me walk past where I had seen the scary thing. She made me walk past where I had tried to save our hides. She made me walk all the way home again. My Mrs. Owner isn't much fun!


  1. aww Pippin... us humans can be pretty dumb to danger can't we....

    you did good though walking through your fears!

  2. Doesn't it just frustrate you when they don't listen!? After all, we are prey animals, we KNOW DANGER!

    I tried to save my Mrs. Owner from a giant, loud corn-horse-human eating monster yesterday and she made us WALK BACK TOWARDS IT! I'm surprised their species has survived as long as it has.

    Your friend in protecting those silly humans,


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