Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doc's Diatribe: One Little, Two Little, Three Little....I Can't Count That High

Today my Mrs. Owner took me out of the stall before I was even finished with my breakfast. Uh oh....I have that funny feeling that something's up. She tied me to the hitching rail and brushed me, washed my legs, cleaned my size twos and combed out my mane and tail. My Mrs. Owner took Pippin out and let him run free in the pasture - that's really unfair. I want to be with Pippin. I called to him and all he did was kick up his heels and run down to the best grass in the far corner. Hey, what about me? "Whinny!" I hope he saves some for me, "Whinny!" He can be such a little piggy! Uh, oh. My Mrs. Owner opened the door to the big white box that makes lots of noise when it moves really fast. I refused to go into the box. My Mrs. Owner said that was the wrong answer and made me trot in circles. Again, I refused to go into the box. After going around for a bit I finally decided I'd rather stand still in the big white box than trot in circles. So, in I went. But, surprise! There was some hay in there. Here was the rest of my breakfast. Nom, nom, nom. 

I munched my hay as we bumped and swayed. The wind coming in from the window blew bits of my hay all over. It went so fast, I couldn't even catch it. We stopped. And when I looked out, I wasn't at home anymore.

Not only that, there were a whole bunch of guys that looked almost like me tied to their big boxes that make lots of noise. What is this, some sort of club?! There were nine of us altogether. In this picture you can see my head over Sparky's rump. Missy is tied on the right of her trailer and you can see just a bit of Spooky behind her. Dijon is tied to the next trailer. There were Haffie's all over! Anybody watching this might think they were seeing double, or triple, or something.

My Mrs. Owner took this shot over her shoulder just before we had some excitement. The horse in the middle got really excited about the ride and put in a little buck. Then another buck. The horse behind her said, "Oh, Goody! I want to buck, too!" So they both bucked. They were really bad. Their Mrs. Owners fell off. I put my tail way up in the air and I snorted. I pranced around a bit. But, I didn't buck. Everyone got settled again and we went on for another 3 miles. The trail was pretty and went through meadows and woods. We went uphill and downhill.  I even hopped over a log.

 Finally, we stopped for lunch. I checked my Mrs. Owner's pockets to see if she had brought me anything to eat. There was nothing in there.
Bad, bad Mrs. Owner. 
Sad, sad Doc!

Oh, well, I was kinda tired anyway!

 We went on riding for another 3 miles or so. I was very brave. I walked through some water. Some of the other horses didn't want to go into the water. How silly. It was only a few inches deep. We had to wait for them. I was bored. Later we came across a big, big rock. A rock that big might hurt my Mrs. Owner or me. I jumped to the side and ran through some scrub oak to get away. My Mrs. Owner made me stop and go back and look at the rock. One of the riders behind me told my Mrs. Owner that he saw that rock jump at me so I was justified in trying to get away!

We headed back to the big boxes and with a little encouragement from some of the other Mrs. & Mr. Owners I hopped right in. After swaying and rattling and bumping for a while, I was magically back in my yard. Pretty soon I was in pasture telling Pippin all about my adventures, between mouthfuls of grass. He had left some for me. What a guy!


  1. You should be proud - that sounds like an exciting day with Haffies!

  2. What a great time you had out and about with your fellow Haffies.

  3. Sounds like you and the big guy did GREAT!!


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