Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guess They Can't Read the Sign Either!

Uh, mind if we play through?

Elk and geese on the golf course at Estes Park.


  1. Ha! What a tranquil scene. Much prettier than golf carts and men in plaid pants wandering about. I wonder what the real golfers do when they come upon such a crowd. Do they yell "Shoo! instead of "Fore!"?

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  3. Funny. Apparently they aren't too concerned about their safety?!

  4. Ha, maybe that's how they get it to stay so green (eeeeew :o) Either that, or there's a tournament going on; you never can tell about these things sometimes....
    I absolutely LOVE the burro pictures in your previous post. I'm with you - those little guys are just adorable!


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