Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fabulous Fall

This fall has been absolutely, positively fabulous. We have had one rainy day in the last 6 or 7 weeks, which has made it a bit too dry, but the sunshine and warmth have been welcome. Temperatures have been in the 70's or 80's just about every day. Last year by this time we had already had one snow storm and we had another on Oct. 21 that brought more snow. Sadly, they are predicting 40% chance of rain with temperatures between 32 and 37 for Monday evening. Shall we place bets on whether the precipitation is in a more solid form?!

Aspens in our back yard.

Autumn Blaze Maple
 Has anyone had difficulty uploading pictures to their blogs? I have always used Mozilla, and tonight I got a message that I had to enable cookies in order to upload photos....and cookies were enabled. I had to go to IE to finish my posting....arghhh!


  1. Beautiful pix. The trees have just started to turn here, but in Texas, we don't get the spectacular displays of more northerly locales. I can't complain, because the weather is in the 80s and gorgeous.

  2. Yes, fall has arrived.... I hope it sticks around a bit longer though!

    Pretty coloured trees... we are so dry that everything here pretty much turned brown and fell off =(


  3. Our fall weather in Idaho is so far fabulous too! though the colors are a little weak. I'm hoping they still have time to bust out.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Woo - what gorgeous trees! I love the colors of fall (they are not quite as vibrant around here, but they're there :o)
    No trouble uploading pics, but then again sometimes it's just a random hiccup.


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