Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey, there. Doc....

What do you want?

Have you seen my Mrs. Owner?

Huh? Have you seen her?

Uh...actually, no. Now that you mention it I haven't seen her for a bit.

Maybe we should go look for her - you look over there.

Well? What do you see?

Pippin, I don't see her on this side of the barn.

I'll look on my side of the barn.

Nope. She's not here.
I don't see her up by the house, either.

Let's look in the barn.

OK....I'll race you into the stalls!

She's not down by the hay.

I don't see her in the tack room.

Where do you think she could've gone?

Did the guy who is always hanging around her say something when he fed us last night?

Hmmm...he grumbled something about someone going somewhere, to do something. He was somewhat vague. He mentioned something about Detroit.

Do you suppose he could've been talking about my Mrs. Owner?

What's 'Detroit' anyway?
Is it good to eat?

Why do you always think about food?!

Who? Me?

Who else?

Mrs. Owner is off visiting one of her great friends who lives near Detroit. She has left her ponies in the capable hands of her wonderful, supportive husband. She will return to give the boys special hugs and scritches next week.


  1. Aww! The kids miss you Dreaming! Tooooo sweet :)

    There is plenty of room in Allenspark! We're doing horse stuff probably all of Saturday, and well.. knowing us.. it'll be Sunday too. I'm sure if you wanted to come, there would be room for you! We'd love to meet you too!

    Have a safe trip!!

  2. I hope Mrs. Owner has a great time visiting her friend. Be good boys for the guy who hangs around Mrs. Owner.

  3. I assume you're planning on bringing some Detroit-style treats home for the boys *grin*. They'll probably be expecting them - hope you're having fun! :o)


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