Monday, October 25, 2010

Doc's Diatribe: He Just Doesn't Get It

I wish a scourge of yellow flies on Pippin!
I wish a plague of hungry horse flies on him!
I wish a pestilence of pests on the pesty beast!
Pippin is driving me crazy and he just doesn't get it. He doesn't get that I don't like him sniffing my butt. He doesn't get that I don't like him nosing around where I am trying to eat. He doesn't get that I don't like him to lip me as we are being led to the pasture. He is a dunce, a dumb, dumber than dumb, dunce!
I've nipped at him to let him know I don't like his pestiness.
I've put my ears back and I've given him the 'stink eye'.
I've pulled my lips back and I've shown him my long, strong teeth.
I've bitten the boy. I've drawn blood.
I've kicked the boy. I've left welts.
And still, he comes back again 
...and again to bug me.
Will he never leave me alone?!


  1. Hah! There's always a trouble maker in every bunch. lol!
    Those two are just like brothers.
    What a couple o cuties!


  2. hes one of those pokey pestery types eh. Stormy is like this and shes always trying to touch Indigo which makes her MAD! Indigo beats the tar out of her.

  3. He sounds like Max, our resident PITT Horse (Pain-in-The-Tail :o) Max spends most of his time looking like some glue factory reject; he gets the snot beaten out of him regularly by his pasture mates. He never seems to care, he just runs around pushing everybody's buttons out there *laugh*. Poor Doc.


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