Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pippin's POV: It's Not Easy Being Green

The other day Mr. Country Cowboy said I was green. I was terribly confused 'cause I know my colors. My Mrs. Owner explained that when a horse is green he hasn't  had much training. Once again I was confused 'cause I thought I had a lot of training. After all, I know how to do lots of things:
  • I can whoa and stand still, most of the time. Well, unless someone has cookies nearby or unless I want to make noise by pawing at the gate.
  • I know how to walk, trot and canter. I do it in the round pen and on the end of the rope. Well, OK, so sometimes I put a few extra hops in when I begin to trot when my Mrs. Owner is on my back. And, well, I guess I don't really know how to canter the right direction when my Mrs. Owner asks me.
  • I know how to pull a cart. Even the trainer guy, Jeff Morse, said I was good.
  • I know how to get into the trailer.
  • I know how to look really cute so my Mrs. Owner will give me extra hay.
  • I know how to untie my rope.
  • If I can't untie my rope, I know how to scratch my halter or bridle off.
My Mrs. Owner hugged me and rubbed me in my favorite places. She said I was a really smart horse. But then she explained that I was going to go to camp at Mr. Country Cowboy's house. She said I'd have all kinds of adventures and I'd be with lots of other horses. I'm afraid. I don't think I want to go. It's not easy being green....


  1. Oh, Pippin... I see such a wonderful and fun adventure ahead of you! Some of the things you know how to do remind me of Bernard...

    How cool is that that you know how to pull a cart?!

  2. Oh Pippin what fun!! A summer camp!

    Just think you may come home smarter than Doc!


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