Friday, July 30, 2010

Pippin's POV: Interview

My Mrs. Owner told me that I was going to be interviewed. That's really neat. Famous people are interviewed. I must be a famous horse! So, along comes this guy. I call him Mr. Country Cowboy 'cause he's wearing this raggedy cowboy hat and 'cause I like alliteration (a people term for words that start with the same consonant sound - I like impressing people with my vocabulary)! He meets me at the stall and talks to my Mrs. Owner a lot. He asks her a lot of questions. Hey, I thought I was the one being interviewed! He's supposed to ask me the questions! He rubs on my head. He finds a special scritchy spot on my muzzle. He squats down (good thing he wasn't wearing spurs!) and I put my head down to see what he was doing. I was hoping he'd have some cookies. He didn't, but he pet me some more. Mr. Country Cowboy takes the lead rope from my Mrs. Owner and takes me out. He twitches the rope at me a bit. He does some silly things, like putting his hat on my head...and on my back...and on my butt. The hat fell off and it made me jump a bit. He takes his shirt off and swings that around a bit. He puts the shirt on my head, and on my back, and on my butt. Ho hum, if this is an interview, it's pretty boring. He makes me go around in circles. Arrgghhhhh! You know how I hate circles!

Finally Mr. Country Cowboy tells my Mrs. Owner that I'm a good horse and he can tell that I've had some of the basics of ground work. That made me feel really nice. I puffed my chest out and held my head a bit higher. I put my ears forward and tried to look especially important. Then Mr. Country Cowboy told my Mrs. Owner that my only problem is that I'm green. Wait a minute, I'm not green. I'm a beautiful shade of light chestnut modified by the pangare trait (I learned this from Heather at Drafts with Dots)! Do I look green to you?

To be continued.......


  1. You look handsome in a cowboy hat Pippin, no matter where you are wearing it.

  2. Some of my favorite horses are green, so keep the faith.

  3. Least it was a hat and shirt Pippin... I made Rosie wear a table cloth and once an ugly blue tarp..


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