Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And you have a problem with...

....and you have a problem with my getting a drink of water because?!!!

Need I tell you that we no longer have large water bowls in the house? Ugh, just wait until he can reach the dog fountain (aka toilet)!


  1. Aww mama, get him a kiddie pool.

  2. Yes yes... he needs a kiddie pool! Such a cute pup though!

  3. What I find funny is they looove to play in the water: pond, pool, hose UNTIL it is time for a bath. That is torture!

  4. Seriously - he's so cute!

    How's it going with Doc? I'm dealing with many similar problems with our pony (that I want to sell). Same background - more driving than riding experience. I've worked A LOT with her on the ground with long lines and use a curb bit. It's helped a lot. Keep us informed!


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