Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tucker Teaches New Tricks

Tucker is now 4 months old. At times he is all leg, waiting for his body to catch up to his most recent upward growth spurt. He has lost some of his puppy ways and we are beginning to see beyond his adolescent insanity to what he may become in the future. He is learning new things all of the time and and at the same time he is teaching us new tricks.

Teachings from Tucker:

1. Place your shoes, or anything you care about, on tables. Chairs are no longer out of puppy reach.
2. A glove on Anything on the floor is fair game and will end up with new holes in it.
3. The value of an item and the speed with which Tucker runs away from you with that item are directly proportional.
4. If you leave the cabinet door open where the garbage can is stored, you will have a dog in there rummaging through the cabinet and the garbage.
5. The moment you sit down to dinner Tucker will announce, in his shrill adolescent bark, that he has to go out.
6. Picking up manure/sweeping/watering means dodging Tucker with the fork/broom/hose nozzle as he tries to pounce on it.
7. Bugs taste good. We'll take Tucker's word on this one!
8. The speed with which Tucker responds to 'Come' is indirectly proportional to how important you perceive the situation and the importance in his getting to your side.
9. The worse something smells the more attractive it is.
10. Humans are suckers for a cocked head, cockeyed ear look.


  1. He is an adorable little monster isn't he!

    I have a "no dogs are harmed - and lesson is not associated with human" solution to nabbing things off counters/chairs/tables and trash can that has worked for 100% of the time for me. Even with the worst case dog I have. Let me know if you're interested!


  2. Jeni - yes! yes! yes! I'd love to hear your solution. You can put it here or email it to me at cyndi.pride at gmail dot com

  3. Haing just gone through the puppy stage twice, with Delilah then Sugar, I can so relate to this list. LOL

  4. Tucker is so cute! Good thing he is still too short to reach the kitchen counter tops. I found a banana on our deck this morning, along with some pieces of wood that used to be a wooden spoon. And we know who the kitchen thief is.

  5. Hay I emailed my "training tip" to you. Feel free to share with Once Upon too.



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