Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tucker's Busy Day

Tuesday the Good Doggie Doctor took one look at Tucker as he explored the clinic examining room and declared him 'healed'. The Good Doggie Doctor reminds me of Glinda, the Good Witch. She is tall and slim and works magic. Although I haven't actually seen her with a magic wand, I'm sure she must have one somewhere! She noted that in two weeks he has grown at least an inch, gained over 3 pounds and isn't favoring the leg with the break at all. She felt there was no reason we should spend our money on an x-ray. She sent us on our way, to come back to spend money some other day!

 Tucker helps us plant a shrub. He mixes the compost into the soil and tamps it down!

So, this morning Tucker had the opportunity to resume puppy life as it should be!
I got the wake-up call today. My dear husband and I have been sharing this duty and it was my turn. Tucker and I head outside to greet the morning, me with one eye closed because two don't seem to focus and Tucker full of bouncy puppy enthusiasm. Tucker quickly takes care of at least one of his bathroom duties and then begins to explore all of the new smells that have collected during the night. This actually inhibits his performance in the other area of his bathroom chores as he is easily distracted. He has established potty places, and will head in that direction, but will stop to smell something in the grass by the pear tree. Then he'll remember what he was off to do but will hear the neighbor's dog and will sit and watch her for a while. Oops, back to his task at hand, but oh, look, it's a dried out worm. Oh! yum! But finally the necessities are accomplished and it's time to run back to mom full of wiggles and puppy kisses. Oh! Bleech! After a quick snuggle and rub Tucker dashes to the neighbor's pasture to snatch just one horse apple. Oh! yum! Mom takes a seat on the front step, resting her weary head on her hand. Tucker comes back to check on Mom - more wiggles and puppy kisses. Oh! Bleech! Then he's off to explore other favorite places: There is the spot in the grass where he found a dead bird on Monday. The bird is gone. It was removed from Tucker's mouth as he tried to swallow it in one gulp, but Tucker keeps checking that spot. You just never know when another bird will end up there. Next he's heading to the barn. The farrier visited and left all number of yummy things near the horses' paddock. Oh! Yum! Here is a piece of dessicated frog. Tucker's favorite! Later it's off to romp through the the gardens. One time I made the mistake of using an organic fertilizer. It turns out that it was made from chicken byproducts and ground up feathers. Tucker, who's first home was in a re-purposed chicken coop, must have felt he had returned home with the smell and taste of chickens all around him. Tucker romps back to me. More wiggles and puppy kisses. Oh! Bleech! We head into the house for Tucker's breakfast and a bit of play time with tug toys and balls, hoping that Tuck will get tuckered out and that I can catch a few winks on the sofa. But, it doesn't happen and it's time to head to the barn. Tucker loves exploring as I hay and water the boys. He looks into the stalls. Pippin snorts. Doc just turns his big head and glares at the intruder. Then we get the wheelbarrow and clean up the paddocks. Oh! Yum! More horse apples. Lots of horse apples. Oh, and look at the manure pile - what glorious fun! We head back into the barn to get some grain and Tucker discovers the kitten food - Oh! Yum! And kitty crunchies - yummier still! Oh! Bleech! Please, no puppy kisses! The final chore is sweeping the barn aisle. Tucker LOVES this. It is his first opportunity to herd something. That broom is gonna listen to him, or else!
I'm ready to crawl back in bed but my wonderful husband has started the coffee. We take our shot of caffeine out to the porch to plan the day as the sun rises higher in the sky. Tucker follows and succumbs to a puppy nap. It's 7:20 AM. Another busy day has begun!

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  1. Oh yeah, those kisses after they've been eating every rotten, dead, or recently-came-out-of-something's butt thing are the best, aren't they?


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