Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuckered Out

Nope. Not the saddle. (Although some readers may be tired of hearing about the new saddle and thus they may be 'tuckered out'!) This post is about Tucker the puppy. We have begun puppy classes. Tucker is learning and is a fairly quick study. Oh, and did I mention that the cute little puppy is growing?! When we came home with him 10 weeks ago he weighed 9 pounds. He now is over 30! Our trainer suggested that we take advantage of a few free opportunities for our puppies to be socialized. PetSmart has a free social hour on Fridays and Camp Bow Wow has a free 5-hour puppy play time on Monday's. Tucker enjoyed playing with the dogs at PetSmart and had a chance to burn off some excess energy. So, if that was good, the play day should be even better! Off Tucker went to camp. One of the fun things about the day care facilities is their web cam. Both my hubby and I found ourselves checking on the puppy now and then. Never was there a time that Tucker wasn't moving. His antics made me tired!

Tucker looks up at Aspen, wondering if she is going to pounce on him from the ramp.
Tucker received a good report card for his first day at camp. 
The 'counselor' even personalized it with a color photograph.
Tucker actually looks like he is smiling in the picture.

Tucker climbed into the car and was sound asleep within a few hundred yards of the camp. We hardly heard a peep out of him all of that evening. He was exhausted from his day of play.


  1. Oh how cute! A tuckered out Tucker is a sure sign that he enjoyed his day at doggie camp.

  2. My Puppy Motto --- A Tired Puppy is a GOOD Puppy !!!!

    You should get that puppy some domestic geese to herd!

  3. Jeni,
    I would love to....but we have regulations and I'm sure the POA would say "no" to geese!!

  4. What a great thing! I got a kick out of Tucker's "report card" from his first day at camp; looks like a scrapbook page in the making to me :o) Love the web cam idea (nice for Mom and Dad to be able to check on their four-legged children at will).
    Living here in the Redneck Riviera (Alabama) I tried to do the western saddle thing; I really did. But I hated it (oy, my achin' back!) so it was back to my English saddle which is wonderfully comfy. Who wants to be just like everyone else anyway, right? *grin*


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