Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh, What a Ride

By now you have probably read about my new (to me) saddle. After suffering incredible pain torture on rides in western saddles owned by my friends, I decided that it was really important to truly test the Tucker saddle to make sure that it would be the saddle for me. I have discovered that as I have gotten older my knees grow less tolerant of torque created by the fender on Western saddles and my posterior, with less padding than in younger years, suffers from pounding on hard saddles. So, one morning, not so long ago.....

8:15: lightly groom and tack Doc, lunge
8:35: mount and begin to ride south to meet 'M'
9:05: connect with 'M' on her cute Paint/Quarter horse and head toward open community property
9:15: begin a loop of the community property (down the hill, through the marshy area, across the dam, through the field, across the bridge, up the hill). This loop included some trotting and a bit of cantering and is about a mile in length.
10:00: ride up the street with 'M' as she heads home.
10:10: ride down the street, with Doc calling plaintively to 'M's' horse.
10:15: ride into 'F's' yard and chat as she and friends finish tacking their horses.
10:20: ride out to the community property (down the hill, through the marshy area, across the dam, through the field, across the bridge, up the hill). We head back to the low area and spend some time trotting in large circles in this nice, flat area.
11:00: leave community area and begin a 1.3 mile loop along the roads.
11:20: arrive back at my barn. I hop off the horse and I am pleasantly surprised that I can land on both feet and remain upright. My knees are working and there is no pain. My first few steps are steriotypically 'cowboy' steps, with a wide stance, but within moments I feel fine. The Tucker saddle rocks! It is a keeper!


  1. I'm so glad you found a good, comfy saddle. Does Tucker make mattresses? I find myself in more pain when I get out of bed in the morning than getting out of a saddle.

  2. Finding a good saddle is no easy thing - but the feeling when you do is wonderful!

  3. I find that Tucker seats also mold to the rider's shape after a while. When mine was brand new, I was a bit disturbed that the rise was putting too much pressure on my crotch, but that went away after a few rides. Now when I ride in my Tucker saddle I don't notice anything distracting about the way it fits me and I'm never in pain after a ride. I also haven't found any issues with the way it fits Lostine.

  4. I've heard good things about tucker saddles I am glad it worked out for you. Now what about the morning after the long ride?

  5. As horse people we spend a lot of time trying to find a saddle that fits the horse and often over look the fit for us. I too dislike riding in western saddles now and have taken to trail riding in my all purpose english saddle.

    I may have to find me a tucker to try!

  6. Sydney, I wasn't sore the next morning - in fact, went on another fairly long ride that day, too.

    Jeni, I think those of us who care fit the saddle to the horse first. Sadly, I feel there are lots of folks who buy their saddle for vanity reasons; looks, fit for them whatever. A lot of horses probably suffer. I have a Wintec dressage saddle that I find really comfy, but if it's warm it makes me sweat and I get sores.

    Once Upon: I know what you mean! We have a great mattress and when I'm out of town, I yearn for my comfy bed. It's one of those pillow top mattresses with memory foam.

    Kate, you are right. Even the trainer fell in love with the feel of the Tucker.

    Nuzzling, I like the way you describe some saddle-fit issues as being distracting. I've never thought of it that way, but you are right. I don't like being on a trail ride thinking about when I can get off and not about what's on the trail.


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