Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday Centus on Sunday: Decisions

How interesting that Jenny Matlock would provide the prompt,
"I finally understood the phrase, "A deer in the headlights" 
for her weekly challenge, what with our Curious Case of the Deer in the Night, that we experienced this week! But I won't bring that up again!
To participate in Jenny's challenge we must use the 10 words of her prompt, with no more than 100 other words in our response. Oh...  and no splitting of the prompt. Well.... I might be using a bit of artistic license, but here goes:

First a bit of background: Our son is graduating from college in just over two weeks. He has had a tough semester, but he is glowing in the knowing that the pressure he has been under will let up. But as he looks toward the future, I see him grapple with choices. I see him trying to decide between finding a job in his field, or starting a business venture. This is 'my baby' caught in this dilemma, and as I observed his inner struggle,

I finally understood the phrase, 

A deer in the headlights
Doesn’t know which way to leap;
Should she stay where she is?
Or face eternal sleep?

Decisions. Decisions.
So tough to make.
Do you go out on a limb?
Or is it the easy road you take?

Do you grab for the ring
And risk a fall?
Or live life predictably, safely,
Is it any fun at all?

I think kids these days
Are walking that line,
And opting for adventure
Instead of safety, this time.

But, no, that’s not true,
For nearly a century gone by,
A poet of that time 
Proposed we take the road less travelled by.

Visit Jenny's site to see the responses from other bloggers.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Outstanding! And a perfect photo.

    Congrats to your son.

  2. Oh what a cool way to run with the centus! These are wonderful times for you all! I too went with the real deal, sort of, since I too had a bit of a run in or over with a deer and a clinger!!!!

  3. Congratulations to your son!

    I really, really enjoyed this. And I like the intro of Robert Frost to the whole thing...anything with Robert Frost in it...


    Thanks for linking.


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