Monday, November 5, 2012

Lucky Day and A Mystery

Today must have been my lucky day. 
Well, make that a double, lucky day.

Do you see it?

While messing with a hose when trying to water a tree,
I found this horse shoe in the grass.

I figured the shoe must belong to Zoe.
She is one of the visiting horses.

Zoe checking out a piece of pumpkin
Zoe is the oddball - the only chestnut among the 
black beasties.

The herd gallops up the hill for breakfast.
Zoe is the 'monkey in the middle'
Zoe didn't have shoes when I first met her, 
but she was a bit 'owy' when moving on hard ground.
Maybe she was shod with pads
while I was away on my trip.

I made a mental note to check Zoe's feet.

But, before I had a chance to do so,
I ran across the matching shoe, 
leaning against the manure pile.

What are the odds of a horse throwing two shoes....
and someone finding them both?
What are the odds of those shoes being 
hundreds of feet away from each other?
One in the paddock, and the other in the yard?
What are the odds of finding both shoes in one day?
Strange. Very strange, indeed.

Stranger still, Zoe didn't have shoes.
There are no nail holes, and no torn out walls of her hooves.
None of the black beasties exhibit any evidence 
of having worn shoes.

My horses never wore shoes.

The last horses that were on the property,
were here at least 6 years ago. 

What are the chances of finding long lost
horse shoes, far apart from each other,
from one of those horses,
on the very same day?

Certainly this heralds good luck for the finder, 
don't you think?!


  1. Better go buy a lottery ticket!

  2. Of course it was lucky and the fact the shoe was full indicates better luck.

  3. I was going to say those shoes were a bit too rusted to be recently thrown.

  4. I agree - -play the lottery!!!!

  5. A double lucky horseshoe kinda day doesn't happen very often, someone is trying to tell you something and apparently it involves luck!!

  6. Lucky lucky! Maybe it is telling you that you need to get some Haffies :)

  7. A lucky day indeed! Your horse photos are superb!

  8. Lucky find! How neat you found the pair!


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