Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beautiful & Bodacious

I'm a Comfort Inn kind of gal. I hate spending a lot of money on a hotel room. After all, I merely need a bed and a bathroom - something that is clean - what does it matter what it looks like?! Mr. Dreamy goes along with my miserly ways. At least he did, until our recent trip to San Francisco. As we planned our trip I started looking for economic hotels - Hah! Not really an option in San Francisco. Mr. Dreamy looked at convenience. Even though I cringed (and still cringe) at the price, I have to admit our stay at a B & B that was an easy half mile walk from our son's condo was more than nice. Mr. Dreamy better watch out... a gal could get used to this sort of life!!

We stayed in a Victorian mansion with 5 bedrooms for guests. The main floor of this beautiful home has a large parlor and library for guests, complete with a selection of after dinner drinks, some chocolates, books, magazines and brochures with information about the city and tours. The dining room was next to the parlor.

Each morning we arrived for breakfast to a beautiful table setting. This was only after we were rudely awakened by the wonderful odors wafting up from the kitchen as breakfast was prepared for the lazy guests snoozing on the 2nd and 3rd floors!  Dreaming is wondering why she doesn't experience this same phenomenon while at home! At home it is Gypsy's singing that rudely awakes her - not the smell of coffee, bacon or cinnamon! 

One morning it was quiche. Another morning it was French toast made from a nearby bakery's bread, and then rolled in panko bread crumbs before pan frying. We had ginger poached pears one morning, and balsamic strawberries another. The host made sure our coffee cups, and juice glasses (with tangerine juice) were always full. Yup, I could get used to living like this!

I didn't think about taking pictures - so all of these were found on the Internet. Our room is pictured below. It was on the third floor and had a beautiful bath with a marble tiled shower. Every room, and every nook and cranny, was graced with beautiful antiques.

On our last morning we sat in the beautiful parlor, reading the newspapers provided for guests, until it was time to depart for the airport. As the ancient clocks ticked and rang out the hour I could sense that my glass slipper would soon be turning back to my worn, Teva sandal. But, that's OK. Even though living like this was a dream, Dreaming is glad to be home with her fuzzy family. She is enjoying awaking in her own bed... even if she does have to make her own breakfast!


  1. I feel the same way! Why spend $100 or more to just sleep? But for my friend's wedding, we stayed in a B&B. It was amazing!

  2. What a pretty place! How wonderful the food sounds! We usually have Chance with us so Motel 6 works for us.. since they are pet friendly:)


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