Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Yesterday I visited friends from my old neighborhood. Mickey and I took her gaited horses out for a ride at a nearby park. I rode Cheyenne and she rode Jewel. I haven't ridden since I sold the boys, and it was wonderful to be back in the saddle, again.

Of course, one first has to mount the horse to be back in the saddle... I made it half-way up and realized I couldn't do it! How scary, how humiliating! Sure, Cheyenne is a bit taller than my Haffies - but he isn't THAT big! I need to start working out - lifting weights so I can lift the saddle with ease, and step class so I can get in the saddle with a bit more grace!


  1. How fun!! I've never ridden a gaited horse. Nice to hear you got back in the saddle, sounds like you'll be doing more - a win for all concerned. I've always enjoyed your equine posts :)

  2. Fun! I would like to try riding a gaited horse. Nice to see you riding :)

  3. Bet you loved the ride. My first horse was a TWH, talk about gliding. Even when doing a 360 it was smooth as silk!!! His 360's are the reason I know longer have him. Much prefer my darling Haflinger.

  4. Nice! Don't feel guilty about using a mounting block...the horses appreciate it! I'll bet it makes you miss your boys.

  5. You may just have to park the horse by a fence and climb on.

    I know this felt good. Glad you had an opportunity like that.

  6. So glad you got back in the saddle again!


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