Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Centus: Calendar Challenged

I missed participating in Saturday Centus while we were traveling. I missed the challenge of seeing what I could put together, and the fun of reading other takes on the prompt. It is amazing to see how many different responses can be generated from the same prompt.

This week Jenny has asked us to include the words: "Thirty days hath September...April, June, and November" from that ditty that I bet many of us learned when we were young. This reminded me of calendar challenges I experienced when I was working. Although I never don't recall making the mistake described in my entry, below, on at least two occasions I advertised a scheduled workshop or meeting for a day of the week and a date that were not the same. I would get calls inquiring whether the workshop was on Wednesday, or was it on the 8th, a Thursday, since the current calendar had no Wednesday, Nov. 8!  I felt like such a fool!

Calendar Challenged

Crap, I did it again! I carefully planned the workshop for my colleagues. I created an outline of what was to be covered. I began to put together materials I’d need. I started the presentation. I arranged for a location. The caterers have my order. I designed an attractive, eye-catching flyer announcing the workshop, and sent it out to everyone. Then the first call came in. “There is no Saturday, November 31”, they said, with a sneer.  I feel like such a fool! I need to remember that silly saying: "Thirty days hath September...April, June, and November." Or maybe, just pay closer attention to the calendar!

Visit Jenny's site to see the responses from other bloggers.

Jenny Matlock


  1. I think I can relate to this person. Sounds like something I would do!


  2. Wonderful- it's so funny how those days of 31 can can so confusing....and even Feb. isn't always gonna be 28- sometimes 29! Oh my! What can we do, but practice our seasons chants!

  3. I am forever getting confused with 30 and 31st's.


    I suspect that isn't punctuated properly.

    I actually say that little rhyme to myself whenever I try and remember!

    Cute story!


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