Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Doc's Diatribe: Oh Bother!

Just when I was getting used to being alone....
He's back!
He's back with his pokey, inquisitive nose!
He's back, pushing me out of the water bucket!
He's back with his agile, ticklish lips!
He's back, pigging out on the best morsels of grass!
He's back, sticking his nose in my business!
He's back, getting his smelly sweat on my saddle blanket!
He's back, getting attention from my Mrs. Owner and the guy who always hangs around her!

Pippin, I don't think I like you anymore.


  1. awwww you missed him and you know it!!! I mean Pippen knows exactly where the itchy spots are!

  2. That's just like a gelding to act unemotional. I bet down deep, your are really glad to have your buddy back. Welcome home Pippin.

  3. We all know better, Doc. ;) Welcome home, Pippin!!!


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