Monday, September 15, 2014

Tucker Talks: Tantalus and Torture

I am living the mythical story of Tantalus. It is driving me… and Gypsy crazy! We are being tortured. Someone ought to call the SPCA!
You see, we are at a campground, or… maybe we've gone to Hell. I don't know when we died, but surely this is not where we want to end up. We are surrounded by rabbits… slow, dumb, domesticated, black, white and spotted bunnies… and

We spend half our days chasing bunnies at home. I don't understand why suddenly they are off limits. And these guys would be so easy to catch. Darn!

 There are big ones,

and little ones...

brown ones, 

and spotted ones…

black ones,
and white ones…

some with perky ears,
and some with floppy loppy ears…

There are frickin' bunnies all over the place!!

And that Dreaming lady keeps telling us, 

"No! You can't chase them!"


 "Hey, can Tucker and Gypsy come out to play?"

They are bold.
They come right up to the motorhome and stare at us through the window.
They taunt us.
They tease us.
That Dreaming lady keeps us on a leash… a tight one at that. And we almost have to wade through the fuzzy creatures. She says they are cute. Mr. Dreaming says they are a nuisance. Gypsy and I don't care… we just want to chase them!
This is torture… canine style!


  1. Someone let a whole bunch of bunnys loose...I did that once...but I trained the dogs to leave then alone. Poor Tucker..poor Gypsy:)

    1. In some ways I want to let the dogs loose (but I'm with a group, and how embarrassing if we got kicked out!) to see what they would do. They run the bunnies at home for sport - I don't think they would intentionally kill them! Their driving instinct is so strong, I'm not sure I could ever stop them from chasing. I am looking forward to leaving. It really isn't fair to my pups.

  2. Poor Gypsy and Tucker! Life is not fair!


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