Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As we traveled along I-84 in Oregon, we noticed acre upon acre of trees, all planted in perfect rows.
Row after row. 
Tall ones, 
not so tall ones, 
and some had rows of alternating tall and not-so-tall trees.

The trees are all part of Boardman Farms operated by the GreenWood Resources operation. This is the largest contiguous irrigated tree farm in the US, and one of many sustainable, environmentally certified tree farms developed and managed by GreenWood. What we were seeing from the Interstate is just the tip of the iceberg of a 25,000 acre operation of 7.5 million trees! Unlike most tree farms, this operation works from start to finish. The operation grows, harvests and processes 100 million board feet of poplar wood each year. The company works on developing better trees that grow faster and produce better wood. In fact, one web site had a comment that the trees are growing faster than they can be processed!

Fascinating! I would love to see if they give tours!


  1. That is one successful operation. And isn't Oregon beautiful?

  2. You find the coolest things, Dreaming! Better this than razing old forests in Borneo. Have a good one!

  3. Hey Dreaming! We had a black widow in the garage today! First one I've ever seen in Colorado!

  4. I agree with Fundy always find the coolest things!


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