Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Diary: Whining

May 22, 2013
Dear Diary, 
Today ve learned about the wintner and the grape wines he grows.  The wineyards are built along the steep banks of the Rhine.  The tour guide explained that the wintner's job is not an easy one as he probably has to wisit each grape wine seven times, and vith the steep slopes no machines can be used. I can't wait to show you some pictures! Spring has been late in coming to this part of the world, too, and in some areas the grape leaves are just beginning to emerge. 
Ve wisited the Castle Vollrads vinery for a vine tasting, and to learn the history of the schloss, a castle that a family lives in, instead of a castle used for defense.  The Vollrad family has occupied the schloss and farmed the lands for several hundred years. The family lived in the castle tower for 300 years before moving into the more conventional grand buildings in the 1300's.  
This winery bottles a variety of Reislings. Dreamy found them quite tasty! This area of Germany produces almost nothing but Riesling, and our tour guide pointed out the scholl where the Riesling grape, and wine, was first developed.  
  Well, hmmm, I seem to be a bit sleepy, hmmm... wine, wine, wine!  
Time to do some dreaming!  


  1. In high school, when our German exchange student came over, they reversed all the "v"s and "w"s in English, because that is what they do in German. So village was willage and vegetables were wegetables. It was kinda funny!

  2. I would fine it quite tasty too, kind of my favorite kind of wine! Excellent read- I very much enjoyed the journey through your words!

  3. I like Champagne..perhaps you will have some for me! :)


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