Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear Diary: The Dream Begins

Thursday, May 16

Dear Diary,

My dream began with a trip to the local airport. My friend, aka "the house sitter" dropped us off and our adventure began. (She asked if I could please refer to hers as my friend, which she really is!) The airline was calling for folks to check their carryon luggage. Since we were  traveling overseas, and were carrying "must haves" in the event our full size suitcases went astray, as sometimes happens, we were more than reluctant to let our carryons out of our sight. Mr. Dreamy must have made an uglier face at the airline attendant than I (although how that could happen I know not) for I know he wasn't in the mood to try charm, but somehow the stewardess relented and by the time I got cargo for the trip out of my carryon and sent it down to the dungeon... er... luggage bay, and found my seat, there was Mr. Dreamy smiling as he cocked his head to point out his carryon nestled  in the bin! As it turned out, there was a 'miscommunication' among the flight crew and there were plenty of empty overhead compartments. So as I write while awaiting a connecting flight in Paris, I wonder if my carryon and our other luggage will make the connecting flight, or whether they will have their own adventure!

With love,


PS: Do you think I am correct in interpretting the sign in the baggage area saying, "Alle Baggage is Gelost" as having nothing to do with our word, "LOST"???


  1. Oh my, gelost does sound like lost, but I am sure it means safe and sound. LOL.
    I hope your luggage arrives with you and doesn't have any adventures on its own.

  2. Hope your luggage doesn't have it's own adventure just as your starting yours. Have a wonderful time

  3. A connecting flight in Paris! How exciting!


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