Friday, May 10, 2013

Tucker Talks: The Day the Pig Died

Hiyah, there. Tucker here. I have a something I wanna say. 
Will you listen to me?!

It's about my pig.
It was a cute pig.
It made sweet oinky sounds.
I had my pig for almost two years.


You think I did this? my sweet pig?

Do I look guilty?

Unh uh...

I don't think so.

I think you should be talking to interrogating Gypsy!


  1. Ivy says we often have snow like that in our house. Tye kills my favorite toys. Mom just finishes the destuffing and I play with toy carcass just like before it got killed.

  2. Sorry about your pig, Tucker! Poor Cooper got all this toys taken away like that because Maggie destroyed them all.

  3. Pigicide! Maybe the human will get you another one, Tucker.

  4. WHOA. I've seen similar situations like this before. Mine involved a Pug and a hippopotamus. It's nerve shattering.


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