Monday, May 13, 2013

I am THE Best!

Anny Mous says so!

She leaves me comments all the time!
She says my blog loads faster than any other!
She says she admires the time I put into my blog!
She says the information I include is awesome!
She says my blog is an excellent read!
Oh, and by the way... 
I can buy emu boots from her at a great discount!

I bet you are jealous ;-)

Maybe not. 

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  1. Anny mous used to tell me the same things. At first I was flattered, then I realized that she was just blowing smoke up my skirt.

    obviously anny-mous is a tramp and frequents all the good blogs.

    So I blocked all comments from little miss anny-mous. That way I did not have to turn on word verification.

    Although I must agree with one thing, your blog truly is very informative, and a most excellent read! :-)

  2. Haha! Yeah, that's why I had to add the comment moderation. The spam was out of control!
    Cute spin on a frustrating problem in the blog world. :)

  3. Poor Anny Mous! I bet your emu boots are cool!

  4. Yep, anny-mous needs an exterminator.

  5. Thanks for visiting my nature blog. I've enjoyed reading this one. Just my kind of humor. My mom had Alzheimers forever it seemed like. It was actually about ten years.

  6. Emu isn't that special?! lol!


  7. This was a riot. You really are the best!


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