Sunday, August 13, 2017


Two weeks from today we will be pulling into a campground in Napa, CA. Oh. My! We will be "there". I have had to look back at the calendar several times to count the days to see if this could possibly be true! I have a funny feeling that 14 days is going to go by faster than I can imagine.

There is little left for me to do. Ha! What a joke! I don't have to pack any more, as the company we hired will finish that and load everything on a truck on the 21st. But, I have a few other things to attend to..... just a few!

I've sorted most everything and I've begun to take things out to the motorhome. We will be carrying more than we usually do, so finding a space for everything and keeping everything in its place will be a challenge.

I'm to the point where I don't know what to do with much of what is left. Even though I've been sifting and sorting, there is still a lot of junk: pens, paper clips, note pads, scissors, cleaning products, aerosol paint, boxes of screws, old computers....

We have been keeping up with the yard work. It has been a challenge since we have had so many afternoon rains the grass has been growing like crazy. Weeds are going mad, too, but I haven't gotten into the gardens to take care of those recently. Well, except in the vegetable garden. It is the prettiest garden I have every had... and it is so orderly! I fertilized a few weeks ago and the plants have responded beautifully. My spaghetti squash is loving life on a trellis... but I'm running out of space! My pole beans like their trellis too, but they want to grow higher! The leaves on my squash plants are twice the size of dinner plates, and we are enjoying squash. Sadly, the wind from yesterday's storm broke the stem of three squash plants that had grown together into one huge stem. That's alright, we have more!

I put a few more things on Craig's List. I guess we will bundle up anything that is left on our "clean up" day, and take it to charity... or to the dump. There are things we can't list until the end, like our shop vac and lawn mowers. However, the new owner has mentioned he would like to know how much we want for our tractor and riding mower, so maybe we won't have to get rid of them.

We have a rug cleaning company coming to take out our wool rugs for cleaning. We have another insurance adjuster coming to check the roof. We are scheduled to have a new roof installed, maybe even by the end of the week if we can get an adjuster to come earlier. I have arranged for storage for my car, and we need to take it up to the facility later this week, we both have Doctor and Dentist appointments and we have friends to visit and hug good-bye. Yes, I think the next 14 days will be a blur!


  1. So have you decided to live in California?

  2. Wow Napa! I was there years ago and it was beautiful countryside. We moved a few years ago and stored everything in the basement while we built. We lived in one room in the basement while we built! Everyone tells me I have a lot of stuff. I do. But I explain to them if they take out every single drawer, cupboard, every thing off of the wall, every single little thing out of their house, like we did, they'd have a lot of stuff too! I understand what you are going through.


    1. I have so enjoyed watching your house take shape. You guys have been working for so long!!

  3. Dear Dreaming, so much to do, so little time. But you have accomplished so much in the past weeks and you'll continue to do so until you can settle in Napa, take a deep sigh, and say, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be exceedingly well," which is what the anchorite Julian of Norwich said centuries ago. It's still true! Peace.


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