Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hoofing It

A farmer traveling with his load
Picked up a horseshoe on the road 
And nailed it fast to his barn door,
That luck might down upon him pour;
That every blessing known in life
Might crown his homestead and his wife,
And never any kind of harm, 
Descend upon his growing farm. 

- from the Internet

While cleaning out the garage at the barn I stumbled upon this relic (not in the Ecclesiastical sense of the word). Do you see it? At the back of the barn? Pippin was wearing this shoe when I bought him. He had suffered a terrible case of founder a few months before the sale, and apparently an Amish farmer had crafted this shoe to support Pippin's damaged hoof. 

Here's a close-up of the hand-crafted orthopedic shoe:

Pippin's hoof was in such bad shape that shortly after I brought him home to my barn the farrier had to build up and supplement the hoof wall with epoxy. 

Seeing the shoe makes me sad. It reminds me of what an amazing guy Pippin was. I can only begin to imagine the pain he went through, and how strong he was to endure it, and come out the other side with such a spirited personality - or should I say, horsonality! In some ways the shoe represents my dream of living in Colorado and having horses in my back yard. I no longer have the horses and in just a short time I will no longer have my back yard, but I have so many wonderful memories. I placed the shoe by the tree where Pippin & Doc would stand on warm, sunny days. It's a tribute to my horses, and to my dream.... fulfilled.


  1. That is a beautiful story behind the special horse shoe.

    1. I have to think that it will some wonderment and questions down the road

  2. oh perfect having the horse shoe next to the tree:) You are living the dream it is just changing:)

    1. Yes. It is still a dreamy life, with more dreams to fulfill. But it is a bit difficult to close the door on one dream.

  3. Replies
    1. I have to agree that shoe caused more tears than anything else related to this move!


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