Monday, February 29, 2016

Scenes from the Road: Pensacola to Panacea

On Monday we left Milton, FL and traveled to a campground just north of Tallahassee. We could choose to travel on I-10, or go along the Emerald and Forgotten Coasts. Come join us on our jaunt along the coast!

An inlet with morning mist

Catching up with a few of our crew

I love discovering other towns named Parker
(since I live in Parker, CO)

Today's trek covered 250 miles. I enjoyed the views, especially the areas in protected forests with little human encroachment. I'm glad you could come along.


  1. Fantastic views. You are very blessed.

  2. Just catching up with you .... Red Bay sounds like it was another goat rope but hope it ended up favorably. We've done the road less traveled in the above pics.....very scenic. We stayed at St George Island a few years ago...gorgeous beaches, no people and so enjoyed Appalachacola.
    We're heading West in a month which is way early for us. Will head to Tiffin rally at Casa Grande before heading to Montrose. Guess you won't be there this year ??

  3. We spent part of a winter at Tyndall AFB I loved it 12 miles of private beach!! I enjoyed seeing all your photos, it is a lot warmer there! Have fun!! :)


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