Friday, February 26, 2016

Not Sure I Can Bear It

While traveling along the "Forgotten Coast" of Florida we noticed signs for bear crossings.

Are you kidding me?!
Bears are in the mountains. Right?
Bears are in Alaska. Right? 

Apparently I made an incorrect assumption!

(Sign at Estuarine Research Nature Center, Eastpoint, FL)

This is a Maserati that was parked next to us in Carrabelle, FL.  While the owners were driving in the area they hit a bear. The police officer who reported their claim explained that bears often charge at approaching cars. 

Oh, my!

Beware of the bear ... even in coastal Florida!


  1. I am surprised that bears are in Florida, that is not something that I envisaged at all!

    1. I was also surprised. For some reason I always think of bears living where it snows.

  2. Nature's balance is a little off now we no longer wear fur.


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