Saturday, February 20, 2016

Back to Blogging

really like blogging.
I do. 
I often go back to posts from the past to find dates,
or place names,
or events.
 I enjoy "meeting" new friends. I feel like I have formed some life-long friendships with people I have never met, except through our blogs. (And those bloggers I've met on our travels.)

It seems life got very busy and I somehow didn't find the time to blog. Then, when we were on the road and the distractions of gardens, playing Pickleball, horses, visiting my father, sewing and crafts were miles away, I experienced technological challenges that made the act of uploading pictures and blog posts so frustrating that any joy I received from the act was negated. 
But, I will try again... 

We spent this last week at the Tiffin Service Center in Red Bay, AL.  We've been here before. A few posts from our past experiences include:

There are others, should you care to search. 

Red Bay, founded in 1907 and named for its red clay soil and ubiquitous bay trees, has a population of 3,130 souls. Yeah, it isn't exactly huge! It is the home of the Sunshine Dog Food company and Tiffin Motor Homes. Both industries are quite evident, Tiffin by the number of motor homes shuttling back and forth in different stages of production, or coming in or out for service, and the dog food factory by the odor of cooking grains that settles over town in the humid air, somewhat like a broody hen settling herself on her clutch, it's not quite suffocating, but....

We arrived on Sunday evening after a marathon 10-hour drive from Jacksonville. FL, knowing that two inches of rain was forecast (and did indeed fall) the next day. We had a few piddly things to have addressed: fluid leaking from somewhere back by the engine, a slide out that may or may not have been properly repaired by a dealer, electronic blinds that failed to listen to their cues to go up or down, and TVs that listened to, and obeyed, too many cues, and  a razor-sharp edge on a "basement" door.  

We discovered other issues, including a tail light with moisture in it. Then, our repairs were finished. It was Friday afternoon. Perfect! We could leave the next morning and find someplace wonderful to visit for the next few days. Mr. Dreamy went into the business office to settle the bill, and I stayed on the motorhome to settle things for the night. Then....

Beep! Bip Bip Bip
Beep! Bip Bip Bip

I sent a text message to Mr. Dreamy, who came out with a tech guy, who scratched his head when he heard the sounds, who stated his day was done and we'd need to stay until Monday. Aye-yi-yi.....

So, here we sit. Another rainy day predicted for tomorrow - then hopefully the electrical issues can be addressed and we can be on our way. 


  1. Good to see you are still around! How are Tucker and Gypsy? :)

  2. Thanks! Good to see you, to. I do check on all y'all occasionally. I've missed so much.
    Tucker and Gypsy are great. They are creating an obstacle course as they sprawl across the motorhome floor as I type, daring us to step across. Tucker is mellowing, and is just bit less independent (ie he sometimes responds to "come" when we are outside) making it a bit more fun to handle him. Perhaps I'll let either one of them have the iPad to type a post now and then.

  3. You've had a rough time with that camper. Glad all is okay with you.

    1. Yes, the coach was possessed - I'm convinced!
      Glad you stopped by to check on me.


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