Monday, February 29, 2016

Southern Exposure

Our next Adventure Caravan trip has begun. 
If it's like the others, we are bound to have fun.
We met for orientation at lunch yesterday
Where we learned when to go, and when to stay. 
Today we ventured forth to the Naval Air Museum
There were lots of planes and exhibits, all for our seein'

OK, I'll stop trying to rhyme, it was getting painful!

This is our fourth trip with Adventure Caravans. We will be exploring Florida, Savannah and a few stops in the Carolinas. We will be on the road with 16 other rigs, from a 20' van to a 44' motorhome, for 40 days. 
We all came together at the Avalon Landing RV Resort. What a sweet campground. It is convenient to I-10, in Milton, FL. The campground is built around a small waterway where we had the opportunity to be entertained by Pelicans doing synchronized diving! 
Nope, no pictures of their diving. They preferred to rest!

My cell phone just couldn't keep up with 8 Pelicans doing their maneuvers!

We enjoyed a barbecue lunch...


before the staff went over the plans for the next few days, and shared the driving options for our trip toward Tallahassee, tomorrow. We are opting for the longer, scenic, coastal route. This will take us past the area where we encountered the cautionary signs about bears, between Eastpoint and Carrabelle, about which I recently put up a post. I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful places along the Gulf. 

Today we went to the National Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. Wow! What a place. 

I was tickled by the description...

We thought my Grandfather might have been in this unit. Maybe not!

Our group sits on the stairs to learn about the Blue Angels. 

Then, another Wow!, we went shopping at Joe Patti's seafood. 
The "never ending" seafood counter!

We Dreamers practiced restraint! We came out the door with some shrimp, sea scallops, crab dip, oysters, tuna steaks and some cheese. You can only imagine what more we could have hauled out, Joe Patti's has all sorts of sea food, breads and desserts that we left at the shop!


  1. It was great to hear from you. Samson didn't get to watch his breed win the group, but we saw pictures of the dog. Lots of brushing there! Have a wonderful trip, I'm looking forward to enjoying your adventures with you.

    1. It is always wonderful to hear from you. I am so sorry Samson didn't get to watch Westminster. I know he would have been jumping with joy!


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