Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Just Another Rainy....

One night in the early weeks of our travels I listened to the rain drops on the roof. It was pouring. I hated the idea of taking the dogs out the next morning, and wondered if I could tie garbage bags around them. I drifted off to sleep, and awoke to gray skies....no rain. But, I began raincoat shopping. The local pet store only had coats for 10 pound pups. That might keep Gypsy's head dry. I shopped online, and found some inexpensive XXL and XXXL slickers.

Seriously, Mom, do we have to wear these?

The dogs actually don't seem to mind the coats. They keep the rain off and all that gets wet are legs, tummies and heads. I can towel them off quickly, usually before they shake and make it rain inside! They have hoods that annoy me, but not the dogs. They don't really work. 

The coats have gotten a workout this week. I no sooner get them put away, and another rainy day comes along. Tonight we are expecting heavy rain.

We are located between Tupelo and Huntsville. The storm has spawned tornadoes far to the southwest of us. We are hoping that area of orange dissipates soon, and that everyone is safe. 


  1. Looks like ketsup and mustard! Good to see the dogs! Hope the bad storms miss you:)

    1. LOL - maybe I should give the dogs new names!
      We made it through the night. The rain was incredible. Just as you thought it couldn't rain harder, the intensity would pick up. The dogs didn't get out for their bedtime walk. Even with the coats they would have been drenched!

  2. I was so thrilled to have 2 inches of rain today. Yuck! Love the raincoats.


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