Monday, November 10, 2014

The Arctic Express

They say if you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes. A bit of hyperbole, perhaps, but with temperatures plummeting 20 degrees in 30 minutes today, it isn't that far from the truth!

Here is a sequence of photos taken over four hours by Chris Nie, a student at CU Boulder.

It was 56 outside when I left the house this morning. 
It was 34 three hours later. 
It is 13 12 10 now, with some light snow.

Now, that's cold!

I think I'll hibernate!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm thinking you might be colder than we are. 10 this morning. Below 0 by a few degrees forecast for Wed.

  2. Brrr...and it's headed this way, although not quite to that extreme.

    1. Yup - it's cold. It was 10 this morning and it is supposed to go below 0 on Wednesday. The good news is that it will turn around and be warm and sunny soon…at least that's what it normally does. But, what is normal these days?
      I stopped by your blog. I love your cows!

  3. It is one of the reasons I love Colorado. When I left the house yesterday morning, it was 59* and sunny. By the time I got to my appointment an hour later, it was 29* and sleety. The temperature plummeted by 30* in an hour - so much for "easing" into winter :)


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