Sunday, May 27, 2018

Life After the Wild Ride

I have been busy, and now I can finally relax in our California house. Relax? Who's kidding who? Now the work begins!

To recap:

We travelled from southern Florida to the San Francisco Bay area. We arrived on Saturday before Mother's Day, so we could enjoy a lovely brunch with both of our sons, both of our grand kids and the other grandmother. I had the opportunity to visit the new (to us) house for exactly three days, then I was off to the airport.

I opted to take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) from the station nearest our neighborhood to the airport so that the Mr. didn't have to drive all that way (31 miles). The trip went well - what a way to travel. Oh, and once I get my "Clipper Card" I will get special discounts as a senior!

I flew to Manchester, NH to visit with my BFF. She is also a quilter and secured a spot for me in a Bonnie Hunter workshop. offered by her quilt guild.  I have participated in a few of Bonnie's annual Mystery Quilts, so my BFF knew I'd love meeting the woman and participating in the fun. And... fun, it was! Of course, any time I'm with my special friend we manage to have fun!

Following my NH visit I flew to Denver to visit with my stepmom and my dad. I took Stepmom on quite a few shopping jaunts and accomplished a lot of minor "to do" items on her list. As for visiting Dad... well, the Assisted Living facility where he lives was shut down due to a rampant GI infection making its rounds. The Director was kind enough to let me gown up, mask up and don gloves to visit briefly with my dad, as long as I went directly to the airport and did not go back to the Independent Living section of the facility. I complied with his directives, gave my dad a kiss on the forehead before heading out. He was sound asleep! So much for my "visit"!

Finally, I arrived "home"... and have no plans to leave for a few weeks. I can settle in... maybe!

The Mr. and I had previously ordered electric assist bicycles. We figure we can use them to drive ride the 3 miles into town, and maybe brave the roads and do some shopping. On a recent Saturday we traveled almost 10 miles and met our son and granddaughter for a picnic. What fun!

I recently sent off for kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs. They arrived while I was away. All of the homes in this subdivision have no cabinet knobs and it drives me crazy! So, one of my tasks was to make a jig, drill holes and install the knobs. Ta-daa....

I purchased fabric for curtains... that may be my next post!

Let's just say I never have trouble falling asleep at night... and despite the fact that my body has no idea what time zone I might be in, I sleep late enough in the morning to find that my body is recharged and ready to go!


  1. What a whirl wind trip. Too bad you didn't get a real visit with your least you got to see him:)

  2. Dear Dreaming, I hope you are enjoying just being at home in your new home in your new state! I find traveling very tiring and always need to take a vacation at home after my vacation away from home!

    It's great that you are letting yourself move slowly into getting your new home the way you want it to be--cabinet knobs, and then curtains, and then who knows what! Peace.

    1. Thanks, as always, for the positive comment. It is so nice to "know" someone who is so sweet!


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