Saturday, May 5, 2018

Water Views

For four five nights in a row we have stayed in a campground with a water view! We seem to have established a pattern!

First, we had an ocean front site at Beverly Beach:

Then, we were at the beach campground at Ft. Clinch. Although we were not strictly waterfront, we could catch a peek of the water over the dunes:

Then, we were on a peninsula between two lakes near Defuniak Springs, Fl. Our campsite backed up to one of the lakes:

And, then, near Livingston, LA, our campsite backed up against a small lake where we could watch swans, geese, ducks and see turtle heads popping up above the surface of the water:

I took the dogs for a walk around the lake. Two Tiffins were pulling in. It turns out they belonged to Carolyn and David Baltzell whom we met at Red Bay last year, and saw at the Okeechobee rally, and their friends, Linda & Wayne. It's a small world!

And then, we landed at Westlake RV Resort on the west side of Houston. I was all kinds of excited when the gal at the resort told me, over the phone, that we would have a creek-side lot. Immediately my mind brought up a stream of water twisting, turning and tumbling around boulders with overhanging tree branches. A beautiful glade with sunlight filtering through to the water. Nice picture but certainly not at all accurate!!

The good news was that there are two gates in the fence and one is allowed to walk dogs on the other side of the fence. One can (and did) let dogs run free on the other side of the fence. The campground also has a small lake, so it truly does fit into my "themed" camping. 

For the next few nights we will also be on the water at Lake Medina. We try to stop to see Donna and Carlos, friends we picked up years ago while traveling in Colorado. They have a permanent site at the lake, which comes and goes over the years. On our first visit there was only a small stream of water.The last time we visited the lake was full. Who knows what awaits us this year!


  1. Looks like you had good views! Good to see Gypsy and Tucker! :)

    1. We enjoy the view from the back windows. Gypsy and Tucker are doing well... still driving me crazy!


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