Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I'm on Top of the World

Our new home is built on a steep hillside. The road out of the development has an 11% grade.... going up from the house... and going down. You might get an idea of how high the hillside rises above the house from this picture. 

Or, perhaps this will give you a better idea of the "lay of the land". I circled the house, in yellow. There is a lot of hill behind it!!

We are surrounded by the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline park. There are 295 acres with trails all over the hillside above the house. At the far end of our street there are a series of steps going up to the top of the trail. I am thinking there are at least 80 steps. I'll count them next time I venture out!

This marker is basically at our house. The altitude is 75 feet. If I walk down towards Brickyard Cove Pond I will shortly be at an elevation of about 20 feet!

At the highest point of the trail the elevation is 327 feet. My iPhone claims I traveled 25 flights of stairs!

The views from the trail are spectacular, although you just don't get the perspective in pictures. Wow! Here I am at the top of the stairs, near the spot where the pin is marking the highest elevation. I am looking southwest, over the basin and yacht club. 

This view is directly south of us. That's Treasure Island on the left and San Francisco on the right. 

Looking south and a bit further west. Alcatraz is just left of center.

Looking west and a bit north one sees the Richmond Bridge on I-580 heading toward San Quentin and San Rafael.

I am looking forward to exploring the trails in the park.... as long as I can stay upright!


  1. What great views from the top! :)

    1. The views are amazing. They make the trek uphill worthwhile!

  2. Dear Dreaming, how wonderful for you to have such a vista as your goal when walking/hiking. Thank you for sharing with us the wonder of your new home in its setting. To be near water has always been a goal of mine--not realized yet! Peace.

    1. The views make my heart full. I love seeing the city lights and the bay. I am so thankful to have this opportunity.

  3. Nice views! That trail will help you keep in shape, you'll want to climb just for the view.

    1. The view are stunning, especially on sunny days! Well, OK, even on foggy days it is interesting to watch the fog being blown over the crest of the hill in front of me as I walk. I do think that I am getting accustomed to the climb!


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