Thursday, January 1, 2015

In Misery

I guess I'm being a bit critical. However, that's how I feel about our overnight stint in Missouri. It is cold. My body isn't used to moisture in the air, and the cold cuts right through the jacket and gloves I am wearing. I forgot.

We are on our way to Florida to "catch the bus". Mr. Dreamy took our motorhome that way after our west coast trip. We have had service completed (I am thinking positively, here) and are making the trek back to pick up our "2nd home". We will spend January in Florida with family and friends, and then head toward Arizona to stay out of the cold winter weather. 

Last night we toasted each other with a glass of wine in the hotel room when the New Year came in... well, maybe not in Missouri, but it was 2015 somewhere! 

Last night was Tucker's first time in a hotel. It might have been Gypsy's first experience, too. They both handled themselves admirably. No one would have guessed they weren't seasoned travelers. And, according to them, the best part of their stay? The hotel's hot breakfast, which Dreaming didn't find exactly palatable. She may regret her decision to treat the pups...1114 miles to go.

Driving away from home

Along the road


  1. May you greet the sun's warmth soon.

    Have a wonderful vacation.

  2. I think it is cold all over. Travel safely:)

    1. It was bitter cold... and now, in northern Florida, we are in the 70's and humid! Oh, I forgot how oppressive the humidity can be! But I won't complain...really, I won't!

  3. Enjoy your warm place to wait out winter! Journey safely!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to our time in the sun!


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