Monday, January 26, 2015

All My Bags Are Packed

Here I sit at the airport. Waiting.

Lucky for me, I'm not heading to the northeast,
where a wicked winter storm is looming.

Air travel used to be so much more fun;
Is that because I was young and liked the sense of adventure, and didn't mind the hassles, or has it really become that much more onerous?

I'm heading home for a few days to see dad and help his wife with some chores. So my packing was pretty easy: laptop, power cords, purse and jacket. 

 Mr. Dreamy tells me I'm lucky, and may not even need that jacket. The weather in Florida is supposed to be colder than that at home. The day I fly back to Florida, Colorado will get back to more typical winter temperatures, and Florida will be turning warmer. Good timing on my part!


  1. Hope you flight wasn't impacted by the east coast storm! They don't "do" winter well out there. Love than orange laptop bag..but the pic makes me uneasy my daughter had her purse stolen in the Mpls airport:(

  2. How terrible for your daughter...especially with all of the security requirements.
    The laptop case was a gift from my sister. I love it. It doesn't hold much more than the laptop and its cord. That can be a good thing!


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