Sunday, January 4, 2015

St. Augustine

After our cross-country travels we landed near St. Augustine, FL.  We had actually arrived in Florida a few days before our reservations began at our usual campground north of Jacksonville, so we hunkered down near the oldest continuously occupied settlement and port in the US, St. Augustine. We Dreamers took a stroll through the town, enjoying some of the narrow streets, tabby walls and old homes. As we used to live about three hours away, we had visited in the past and had toured the main attractions, including the Lightner Museum, Hotel Alcazar, Castillo de San Marcos, and of course, the alligator farm and Ripley's Believe it or Not. Strolling through town was just about all we were up to, having to acclimate our western bodies, accustomed to almost single digit temps and humidity to 70 degree temperatures with humidity higher than that. Wanna see a few things that I enjoyed?

Looks like a postcard, right?
This is the Ponce de Leon Hotel, now part of Flagler College.

An interesting old home wanting restoration. 

A hand hewn hinge on a window shutter.

Who's holding up,who?

Loved the gates and windows.

Another nifty gate.

Loved the old road, worn and sunken by time.
I was also intrigued by the condensation on the cooler bricks from the humid air.

A peek into the past.

Eating lunch at the bottom of the pool at the Alcazar historic hotel.

The best part of our visit to St. Augustine was enjoying dinner with my cousin and her husband. They live nearby and our new way of life provides us with the opportunity to connect face to face.


  1. Great to visit with family. And that must be an interesting town to visit, one of the oldest in the US, right?

  2. visiting the family is always good :), i've never been there before, never been to america, definitely somewhere that i would love to go.


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