Saturday, January 3, 2015

Are We There Yet?

I really think that is what Gypsy was asking me in this picture:

Or, maybe she is whining about Tucker taking up more than his half of the back "seat".
Can't you just hear it:
Mom, tell Tucker to move.
Tucker's touching me.
Get your big butt off of me. 

Most of the time the dogs slept. When we slowed down to exit or turn, one or the other might pop up to look, then they'd lie back down and snooze some more. 

So, to answer the question; Yes, we are there! We traveled for 2 1/2 days - 12 hours each, for the first two days, and another 6 (or was it 8?) on the last day. I think we are all ready to stay in one place for a bit!

Our only mishap? On an abrupt stop because some fool #%€^#£€$& driver (Mr. Dreamy's words) in front of us didn't know how to merge onto the highway, the bicycle wheels slid on top of Tucker. He was cool about it and calmly waited for Mr. Dreamy to stop so we could restack the load!


  1. Good to hear you are there! The dogs seem like good travelers, most time Chance is just happy to be with us and I am certain it is the same for Tucker and Gypsy!! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh oranges and grapefruit! :)

  2. The dogs are great travelers. They really didn't complain, although when I took the picture, Tucker had just moved over, sitting practically on Gypsy and her face really seemed to be showing her thoughts! We are hoping to enjoy a warmer, sunny time down here.


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