Monday, January 5, 2015

Gypsy Jabbers: Booties - Bleech!

That Dreaming lady wanted to put these things on my feet. 
You're dreaming, right?

 She calls them boots. She says they will protect me from the sand spurs at the campground where we are staying. 
What do you mean, you want to put one more on?!
I'm not exactly happy, ya know!

She says that I'll be more comfortable. They feel strange. They make funny sounds when I walk. The other dogs are gonna laugh at me.

But, you know what? They work! Well, almost all of the time. I picked up a few of the stickers. I could feel them through the boot. But, they weren't as annoying as when I didn't have the silly boots on my feet. Maybe that Dreaming lady wasn't dreaming after all! Maybe the other dogs are gonna wish they had boots, too! 

PS by Dreaming: 
We have stayed at this campground a number of times. The sand spurs are particularly bad here. I haven't figured it out yet, but sweet little Gypsy gets more than Tucker. She is a sticker magnet. Being the princess that she is, the moment she gets a sticker in her foot, she stops, holds her paw up and gives me the most pitiful look! I can't say that I blame her - they hurt me when I try to take them out. The night before we left to pick up the motorhome I ran down to the sewing machine and crafted four booties out of some vinyl and elastic I had hanging around. I added some Velcro once I got to the campground to make them easier to put on and take off. I think I may have hit upon a solution to Gypsy's "sticker shock"!


  1. That middle photo says it all, Dreaming! I do hope Gypsy is happier, now that she has given the boots a test run! Safe travels!

    1. You are right. I loved her expression as it really tells the story!

  2. Well they are adorable looking! Gypsy looks so girlie in them! And if it keeps the spurs out of her paws then they're worth it. I had a mini-dach that would "freeze up" when he'd go outside in the snow. Literally couldn't move. I'd always have to go out and get him and carry him back in. Well I tried boots and he would kick like a mule until I would take them off!

    Cindy Bee

    1. Gypsy is very tolerant. She doesn't try to get them off by biting or shaking.

  3. Looks like just the thing! I looked at some in the store the other day they were about 12$ a set.:)

    1. We found some that were even more. I'm too cheap not to try my own first!

  4. Nice work! In the long run, I'm sure the booties are appreciated.

  5. Be careful: they may want accessories to match... :/

    LOL love your travel photos!



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