Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gypsy Jabbers: Moving Boxes

That Dreaming lady took me for a ride, all by myself. I didn't have to share the back seat with Tucker. It was mine, all mine.  First we went by that place that smells funny and has that lady in white who pokes me. I wasn't happy at all. We walked into the place and that Dreaming lady wouldn't even let me sniff the butt of a cute hound that was nervously waiting there. My lady took me over and had me step onto the piece of wiggly floor. I did it like a pro and even sat on command.  The Dreaming lady said the wiggly floor is a scale and she was very happy on account of my losing 7 pounds. That bothered me a bit 'cause I don't remember losing anything. I mean, if something is missing it is usually 'cause I ate it. My lady gave me some scritches and said she would be feeding me a bit more dog food and a bit less green beans. Sounds good to me! We didn't even stay to see the smelly lady in the white coat. We went straight back to the car. Now, that's the kinda visit I like! Well, except I didn't get any doggie treats. That woulda made it the best!
Next we drove to the building where that Dreaming lady has a dad. He fed me some treats, so,at least I got something!  I think I shoulda gotten more on account of the losing thing. 

We took a walk around the building. I had all kinds of admirers and I was really good. I didn't bark even one time - Tucker woulda made people very mad if he hadda been there on account of all the noise he makes!

When we were at the building visiting the Dad I hadda go into a funny, freaky box that moves. I don't understand it. 

First, the shiny doors close all by themselves, with a whooshing noise. 

Makes me worry about my tail. What if it squished me?!

Then, the Dreaming lady pushes a button.
I wonder how she knows which one to push?

Then it makes funny sounds. 

It creeps me out! 
But, the creepiest thing, the mostest freaky thing is that when the silver doors open...

<Cue creepy music>

I'm not where I used ta be!

How freaky is that?
Have you ever been in a moving box?


  1. Looks like she handled that elevator like a pro

    1. She is getting better with the elevator. However, when we went to the hotel the elevator had a tile floor. She certainly was not a fan of that! Too slippery!

  2. She does better than Chance, he hits the floor and lays down! Looks like Gypsy is a great visitor! :)

    1. Gypsy is getting better at visiting. She offends some of the residents as she won't go near them - and they so desperately want to pet her. My Dad's wife has Cerebral Palsy, and Gypsy is leery of her, too.
      I can understand why Chance would lie down - I bet the whole thing seems very unstable to them. Gypsy didn't care for the hotel elevator as it had a tile floor. She was happy to get out of that box!

  3. Phoebe is a Certified Therapy dog and did not mind elevators at all. I'm sure you being there gave your pup security.

    1. Gypsy didn't like the one at the hotel as it had tile floors, but she really does do OK with them.


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