Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scary Times

I discovered that in my absence from writing my blog, my friend Jenny stopped hosting the Saturday Centus. She has not been feeling well and just couldn't keep up with it. I really enjoyed her challenges. I feel so badly that she isn't feeling well... and hope she is feeling better soon.

With Halloween in the air I decided to create my own personal challenge - writing a spooky poem... with a twist! I hope you enjoy this true story from my childhood.

Long ago at Grandma’s farm
My sister and I thought we’d come to harm.
T’was a stormy night and the winds did blow.
The cat did cry it’s plaintiff meow.
We were in the cottage,  just sis and I
Alone in our beds we did lie.
The grownups were out on this stormy night,
Not there to share our heart-stopping fright.
There came a tapping...
do you hear it as well?
Tap - tap - tapping on the wall?

The tapping came. It was silent then.
Tap. Tap. Tap. It came again.
I looked at my sis, who’s eyes were wide
My heart was pounding deep inside.
‘Tis a huge spider we did decide
Trying its best to get inside.
Sis, being older, gave a reassuring look
And grabbed the nearest reading book.
There is the tapping...
do you hear it now?
Tap - tap - tapping on the wall?

She used the book and the wall she did pound
Hoping to silence the sinister sound.
The tapping stopped. But it came again.
Tap. Tap. Tap. What an ominous refrain.
How could we stay there, how could we dare.
With some sort of monster lurking out there?
Threatening our lives or our sanity, perhaps
It was probably a zombie, skin hanging in scraps.
There is the tapping...
do you hear it now?
Tap - tap - tapping on the wall?

All that long night, along with our hearts
The tapping would stop, then it would start.
Sis and I lived through that night of hell
With nary a scratch, but a great story to tell
Of the night in a cabin on my Grandma’s ranch
Scared out of our wits by a silly branch.
A branch that swayed lightly in the breeze.
A branch stretching out from a nearby tree.
There... hear the tapping?
Can you see it now?
Tap - tap - tapping on the wall?

Were you ever terrified as a child? What story could you tell?

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