Friday, March 29, 2013

By The Numbers: Home


  • 7270:   miles Mr. Dreamy drove the RV on the trip
  • 782:   gallons of fuel pumped into the RV (ouch)
  • 90:   number of days we were 'on the road'
  • 57:   gallons of propane used for heating and cooking
  • 24:   campgrounds visited
  • 21:   most days spent at one park (tie: Ft. Clinch State Park at Fernandina Beach, FL and Palm Creek RV Resort in Mesa Grande, AZ)
  • 10:   states visited with the RV (but we visited two additional states in the car)
  • 8:   number of feet the motorhome was driven by Dreaming on this trip (4 feet forward and 4 feet backward maneuvering in a camp site)

The dogs were thrilled to be home. They went right to work telling the bunnies who was boss. They chased bunnies for at least an hour before their tongues were dragging! No bunnies were harmed in the pursuit.


  1. What a nice trip you had, but I bet it's nice to be home for you and Mr. Dreamy too.

  2. Welcome home! Thanks for sharing your awesome trip! You've driven a motorhome 8 more feet than I ever will, you brave lady!

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  4. Welcome home! As fun as your trip was, it is always nice to be home.
    What a great trip you had! :)

  5. I bet the dogs were happy to be home! Those are quite the statistics! Happy Easter! :)

  6. 8-feet! Awesome! Thanks for the chuckle. I won't have my husband around when I'm backing up a horse trailer because if I don't turn in the split second he thinks I should turn and to the degree that I should turn it, he's doing all kinds of backseat driving, only usually yelling at me from across the yard and attracting the attention of all the neighbors. Then I have that many more eyes on me and I become a total nervous wreck. There have been plenty of times where I just parked it where it was and went in the house, then when everyone went away and stopped telling me how to drive, I went back out and parked it. Big vehicles and I just need some time and silence to work it all out.

    Anyway, 90 days on the road is impressive. What a great adventure.


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