Thursday, March 14, 2013

Camp for Old Folks

Now, for your entertainment,
here is my version:

Hello Brudder! - Hello Sistah!
I'm at camp - with the Mistah!
Life is really - entertaining,
It's been sunny and I missed the day of raining.

This camp is really - just a big resort,
For the seniors - leaving their home ports.
Driving south - to escape the cold.
Most of the time we claim that we are not "that old!"

Half of Missouri - And the Dakotas,
Lots from the northwest - And from "Oh Canada!"
Here for the winter - where it's not dreary
Is there anyone left in Winnipeg or in Calgary?

We can golf - we can play pickleball.
It's a darn shame - we can't do it all.
We've been swimming - we've been biking.
I'm glad I'm not at home where it is icing. 

We walk the dogs - to the doggie park.
There they romp and play - Tucker barks!
It is something that they both enjoy,
But we must tell Tucker Gypsy's not his squeaky toy.

In a few days - we will have to go.
Then we'll head north - but we'll drive real slow.
We'll go home - it is time, you see,
It is time that we both learned to face reality!

Enough of the awful rhymes! We are at a 55+ RV and golf resort. It tickles me to see all of the 'seniors' acting like kids at camp. Everyone rides around on bikes, or in golf carts, on their way to all kinds of activities, following very busy schedules. They are so busy that they tire easily and happy hour has been moved to accommodate them... drinks are poured around 4:00 PM! I took a quick trip back home to visit with my dad, who is doing quite well. Mr. Dreamy felt that I was cheated out of my 'camp' experience, so he wanted to stay at camp for another week. 

It is time for me to head to the pool for morning exercises! 

More later.....

Evening on our 'street' at camp


  1. Oh my is 55 really the new Sr age now ...was it always 55 or is this something new and trendy ...I am not quite there yet but just saying. Being "Sr" seemed much older when I was younger :)
    Oh it is just number as long as you are young at heart right ...loved your post lol

  2. So glad you get to relax at camp with Mr. Dreamy.

  3. Have fun at "camp"! I suspect you prefer Happy Hour to morning exercises in the pool. Also, glad to hear that your dad is doing well. Travel safely back to Colorado!



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